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We live in one of the best regions of the country to generate electricity from Solar, as a South Florida Solar Panel Contractor we can help you save money, build equity and value in your property, and help the environment by using a renewable energy source.

The “Sunshine State” generally receives 5.2 hours of prime solar energy generating sunlight for about 250 days in the year. This make it ideal to generate electricity from Solar Panels, and reduce our dependency on non-renewable energy.

Solar Panels South Florida Contractor

Self Cleaning Solar Panels

Our proprietary “Self Cleaning” solar panels will keep your system at optimum performance.

We are the only solar contractor which can install this proprietary cleaning system.

Sunny South Florida is also Rainy South Florida, but only for a period of time. Sometimes we go weeks and maybe even months without rain.

Generally the rain will clean your solar array unit and keep most of the dust and dirt off the panels.

What happens during those months when there is very little or no rain? Your solar panels collect dust and dirt particles which are in the air. Greatly reducing the efficiency of the panels, and the amount of energy they can generate.

Learn more about our proprietary self cleaning Solar Panel system.

Our Mission is to help 50% of South Florida’s homes be entirely powered by solar energy by 2025.
Save the earth. Save money. Increase the value of your home. Will you join us?

We can set up an agreement where you have no out-of-pocket expenses. You will use the what you save from the FPL bill to build equity in your solar power generating system, and increase your property value.
It’s a simple Win-Win-Win.

Buying Solar Vs Renting Electricity

Buying a Solar Unit Vs Renting Electricity

You can use the money you pay FPL to build equity in something you own!

Today many South Florida residents are paying a FPL bill that gets them nothing other than a service. Year after year we pay FPL for a service without being able to keep anything.

Most of us bough our homes for several reason, one of those reasons might have been to build equity.

We can structure a plan where you use those dollars you pay FPL to pay for your own Solar Panels system. This builds your equity, and increase your property value. You own it, not rent electricity.

Solar in South Florida

We Take Care of Everything

From our initial appointment on, we take care of your entire solar panel installation.

We take care of the measurement, roof angles, engineers, permits and installations. Just relax, we will maintain constant communication along the way.

Our Solar Systems are guaranteed for 25 years to give you peace of mind, if there is a problem you just call us.

These solar array units not just strengthen your roof structure, but are tested to category 5 hurricane conditions.

South Florida Solar Panel Contractor
South Florida Solar Panel Contractor

Solar Questions

Have a Question about Solar Panels?

We are more than happy to answer any questions on Solar Panels you might have for your home or business.

You are welcome to contact us – 954-300-3592.

We know most people just want answers online, so we have created a Questions and Answers section.

You are welcome to ask questions about solar and we will be glad to answer.

We look forward to being your South Florida Solar Panel Contractor. We understand that great customer service, happy customers, and honesty will help us earn your business and your referrals. Let’s Go Green Together!!!

Ready for the path to Renewable Energy?