About Solar in South Florida

Solar in South Florida is my person solar blog and website designed to provide information on Solar Panel and their installation in the South Florida Area.

My name is Frank and I am fascinated by the idea of solar energy. I’ve always been interested in the environmental aspect of Solar energy. It might seem like just a tiny drop in a huge bucket, but eventually those drops become gallons. We all should start doing our part to help the environment and leave a better planet for our kids, and grandkids.

The goals are to provide as much information on Solar so homeowner and business owners can make an informed decision. We will achieve that goal through providing you with quality solar information.

My past experiences in Real Estate, Residential and Commercial construction allow me the opportunity to provide you with a great amount of information you will need to make a decision on installing Solar Panels at your home or business.

Most homeowners want to know about cost savings, and of course there is a significant cost savings when installing solar panels, if done correctly. The solar array unit installed on your property must meet your energy needs. We build a system which provide you with the amount of solar energy coverage you require, while also meeting your financial needs.

Generally you can replace your FPL bill with fixed payment that builds equity in your home or business. As the cost of FPL goes up every year, your payments are fixed. There is no out of pockets cost, nothing upfront at all. We work with government qualified PACE programs to assist in your financial needs.

Our Difference

There are several other solar companies in South Florida, but I truly think Solar Contractors provide the best service, product, price, and customer service needs you are looking for.

Our Solar installations are professional done using some of the best solar products on the market. We want maximum efficiency! We use SolarEdge Inverters and optimizers, combined with the best panels for your solar needs.

Self Cleaning Solar Panels

Our proprietarySelf Cleaning” solar panels will maintain maximum efficiency when you need it most. If your Solar Panels are covered with dust, dirt, or even bird poop, their efficiency is reduced. Solar panels need a clear and unobstructed view of the Sun’s UV light to generate electricity.

I hear it all the time, but it’s always raining in South Florida. It rains quite often in South Florida, yes it does. But we also have months without rain. During the rainy season the panels are normally washed off by the rain, but during those dry spells, when there are very few CLOUDS blocking the sun is when you really want your solar panels to have a clear and unobstructed view of the sun so they can generate plenty of solar energy.


We are not the cheapest, but we are definitely not the most expensive. What we do provide is value, and quality product that will ensure you refer your friends and family to us. After all we want to help convert South Florida to renewable energy.

Considering that our pricing includes our proprietary self cleaning modules at about the same price as other solar companies who can’t offer you a self cleaning system, and we use some of the best products of the market, we bring value. We feel our Solar Systems bring more value, and can provide more efficient Solar Energy by maintaining the solar panels with a clear view of the sun so they can do their job at the highest efficiency possible.

Contact or Questions

This website, Solar in South Florida, has a questions and answer section so you can ask a question about Solar Energy You are welcome to post a question, and we will publicly answer to the best of our ability. This also allows others to answer and post their opinions.

Our solar blog provide daily Solar News and updates in the filed of solar energy. You are welcome to join our social networks or mail list for updates.

You are welcome to call me directly. I will answer any questions you have without pressure or any commitment. I want you to join our family of happy renewable energy homeowners and business owners, but I also want you to be extremely happy with the service and product we provide so you want to refer your friends and family. You can call me directly at 954-300-3592 – Frank