How do Solar Panels Work?

How do Solar Panels Work

Ever wonder how do solar panels work? Here we can give you a better idea so you can start to gather a better understanding of solar power and how it can power your home.

The earth intercepts alot of solar power every day, technically more power than what we can use. But let’s take a look at how solar panels convert solar energy to electrical energy.

Let’s watch this video on how solar panels work.

Video by Ted-ed

So how does it work…

How do Solar Panels Work South Florida Silicon

Silicon in Solar Cells

Solar panels are made from solar cells, which are normally made from silicon. Silicon is the second most abundant element on earth.

In a solar cell, crystalline silicon is placed between conductive layers. When the light photons from the sun hit the solar cells, electricity is generated.

Electrons are the only moving parts in a solar and they go back where they came from. There is nothing to get worn out or used up. Therefor a solar cells can last for decades.

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