Broward County Solar Contractor

Broward County Solar

As the State of Florida is transitioning to renewable energy, so is Broward County. Every day you see more and more homes with Solar Panels in Broward County.

We can build a Solar Panels system for your property which will replace your FPL bill with no upfront cost.

As a Solar contractor for Broward County we offer the best value on solar installations, combined with exception customer service and our proprietary self cleaning system.

We use Solaredge optimizers (one per solar panel) combined with Solaredge inverter to help maximize the efficiency and durability of your Broward County Solar installation.

Broward County Solar Contractor

As your Broward County solar contractor we take care of everything for you. From initial consultation, to final installation and thereon after. We don’t just want your solar business. We want to ensure you join our family of happy customer and will do our upmost to ensure you happily refer your friends and family member to us with trust and confidence.

After the initial consultation and agreement, professional drawing and plans will be prepared. This is essential to quickly get permits approved by Broward County so we can quickly complete your Solar Installation. Once the city of Broward County inspectors give us a final approval on your solar panel installation, we draft all the paperwork needed to have FPL change your electrical meter to net metering.

We are licensed an ensured to perform Solar Panel installation in Broward County, ensuring you meet the highest levels of quality craftsmanship and safety.

Proprietary Solar Self Cleaning System

Our proprietary self cleaning system ensures your Broward County Solar Panels maintain 100% of the efficiency the manufacturer suggest. We are the only company in Broward County and in the State of Florida who can install this proprietary self cleaning system.

How does the self cleaning system work

We all know there is plenty of rain in Broward County during the rainy season. But what happens during those months there is no rain?

Dust and dirt can cover your solar array unit and prevent it from working at it’s maximum efficiency. During the rainy season, there are plenty of clouds that block sunlight.

During the dry month, there are few clouds in the sky, which is when you want your Broward County Solar System working at maximum efficiency, and our solar panel self cleaning system ensures you maximize those days with little cloud cover.

Financing Solar Pace Panel in Broward County

Our goal is to eliminate your FPL monthly payment, and replace it with program where you build equity in your solar system and increase your property value.

We can offer you several financing options designed so that you can stop paying the ever increasing FPL bill. Instead of renting electricity every month and starting over with nothing next month, you will be building equity into the Solar system you purchase, and increase the value of your Broward County Property.

P.A.C.E. is one of the more common financing programs we offer. This allows you to obtain a loan for your solar array system which does not go on your credit. This will be extremely important when you go buy a vehicle or other major purchase as it does not affect the D.T.I. (Debt to Income) ratio of your credit. P.A.C.E. is an ad valorem loan which is attached to your property’s county taxes. These loans even allow up to 18 months for the initial payment.

Ready to install solar in Broward County?

We want an opportunity to earn your business. Please allow us to provide you with a presentation which can help answers all your questions on the process of installing solar panels in your Broward County property, and setup financing for your purchase.

Join us and help transforming Broward County into a renewable resource neighborhood.

Broward County Solar Contractor

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