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Energy Technology Engineering Center (ETEC)

Environmental monitoring:

  • Baseline Air Monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • RCRA closure surveillance and monitoring

Idaho Cleanup Project


  • WIPP shipments (including progress towards certification)
  • AMWTP processing remaining debris waste (namely, BN516 waste stream, when approved)
  • Direct ATR SNF receipts from BEA (to support BEA Mission)
  • EBR-II SNF to FCF and RSWF (based on ability to receive)
  • IWTU readiness preps (remote planning and preparation)
  • Calcine planning and engineering (remote planning and preparation)
  • ATR Wet-to-Dry Transfers

Office of Environmental Management – Los Alamos (EM-LA)


  • Perform radiological surveys at TA-54’s Area G, where transuranic waste is stored
  • Maintain the wellfield early notification system for Buckman Direct Diversion, which supports Santa Fe County’s water supply system 
  • Maintain well packer systems, which seal the boreholes for groundwater wells to ensure proper operation
  • Perform inspections of hazardous waste storage facilities to ensure compliance with the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) 
  • Perform required surveillances
  • Respond to emergencies and abnormal events
  • Perform weekly facility rounds, surveillances and inspections

Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management (OREM)


  • Employees overseeing and maintaining critical waste treatment infrastructure
  • Employees overseeing and maintaining safe configurations at former research reactors and other high-risk facilities

Paducah Site

Department of Energy (EM) Oversight:

  • Field/Site and Functional Leads
  • Facility Representatives

Deactivation and Remediation:

  • Plant Shift Superintendent and shift operators
  • Fire and Paramedic personnel
  • Radiation Control Technicians
  • Environmental Services specialists
  • Nuclear Material Control Accountability (NMCA) specialist
  • Protective Force personnel
  • Waste and Landfill Operations technicians
  • Environmental Sample Management employees
  • Quality Assurance specialist
  • Business Services (procurement, human resources, payroll, IT Support) personnel

Infrastructure Support Services:

  • Project managers
  • Project Controls & Accounting manager
  • Human Resource manager
  • ESH&Q & ESH Managers
  • Emergency managers
  • Records manager
  • Training manager
  • Integrated Services and Operations and Maintenance managers
  • Systems Lead & Communications employees
  • Cyber Security managers
  • Safeguards & Security personnel

Portsmouth Site

Department of Energy (EM) Oversight:

  • Field/Site and Functional Leads
  • Facility Representatives

Deactivation and Decommissioning:

  • Protective Force
  • Emergency Services (Fire, Emergency Medical Technicians, medical)
  • Plant Shift Superintendent
  • Site Utilities (power, water, sewer) workers
  • Infrastructure Maintenance workers
  • Environmental Monitoring technicians
  • Waste Management personnel
  • Radiation Protection personnel

Infrastructure Support Services:

  • Facility inspectors
  • Shipping, receiving and mail personnel
  • Janitorial workers at staffed facilities
  • Environmental, Safety & Health services personnel
  • Support services managers

Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office (PPPO)

Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride Conversion Project (Duf6)

Operations and Maintenance:

  • Facility managers
  • Conversion operators
  • Industrial Health technicians
  • Radiological Control technicians
  • Instrument mechanics
  • Site Service technicians
  • Cylinder Yard operators

Savannah River Site (SRS)

SRS has the necessary onsite and teleworking personnel to maintain health, safety and environmental protections and maintains the capability to call in necessary personnel to respond to issues.

Mission-Essential Occupations:

  • Shift operations managers and shift operators
  • Fire and Paramedic
  • Radiation Control
  • Environmental Services
  • Waste and Landfill Operators
  • Environmental Sample Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Services (procurement, human resources, payroll, IT Support) personnel
  • Project Controls
  • ESH&Q & ESH
  • Emergency Response and Infectious Disease Response Team
  • Records management
  • Training manager
  • Site Services, Operations and Maintenance
  • Communications
  • Cyber Security
  • Safeguards & Security personnel
  • Protective Force personnel
  • Scientists

Department of Energy (EM) Oversight:

  • Field/Site and Functional Leads
  • Facility Representatives

Management and Operations

  • H Canyon, L Area and K Area and associated support facilities, are safe, secure, and are monitored by a core staff.
  • Nuclear Materials – Technical Safety Requirement surveillances and required preventive maintenance is ongoing.  Supporting NNSA missions as needed.
  • Infrastructure & Environmental Stewardship – Sampling to meet permit and FFA requirements. Essential site services (water, power, etc.) as required.
  • Solid Waste Disposition – Process base Solid Waste requirements.

Liquid Waste

  • Defense Waste Processing Facility, Saltstone Production Facility, Tank Farms, and their associated support facilities, are safe, secure, and are monitored by a core staff.
  • Liquid Waste Disposition – DWPF melter maintained hot and is but is performing some maintenance activities. 
  • Tank Farms and Effluent Treatment Facility – Effluent Treatment Facility operating as needed. 

Savannah River National Lab:

  • Continues support for Tritium, National Security and critical Liquid Waste analyses.

West Valley Demonstration Project (WVDP)


  • IT employees who assist others with their teleworking capabilities and tech problems.
  • Environmental employees who perform critical compliance inspections and environmental monitoring.
  • Administrative employees who perform payroll, accounting and records management.
  • Maintenance employees who maintain equipment and perform critical preventative maintenance on site systems.
  • Security personnel who protect and secure the premises, and maintain control of the site 24/7.
  • Subject matter experts and those skilled in specific areas who assist with emergent conditions needed for the safe and compliant
  • Radiation technicians, safety technicians and hygienists who ensure work areas are safe and free of radiological, industrial and chemical hazards.

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)

  • Ground control
  • Surface waste handling
  • Underground waste handling

Critical infrastructure:

  • Salt hoist refurbishment
  • Fire loop replacement
  • WIPP bypass road
  • Safety significant confinement ventilation system

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