FuelCell Energy and POSCO Energy open 20 MW fuel cell park in South Korea

The project majority shareholder is Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), a repeat customer of POSCO Energy’s fuel cell division and the largest utility in South Korea.

The ultra-clean power produced by the SureSource™ molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) systems is sold to KPX (Korea Power Exchange), while the high-quality heat generated by the fuel cell park is sold to Korea District Heating Co, the country’s largest heat supplier.

South Korea has a number of utility-scale fuel cell parks in operation, including the world’s largest, which generates 59 MW of power for the electric grid and supplies a district heating system. KHNP is also partnering with Doosan Fuel Cell to install 70 PureCell® Model 400 phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) systems for a clean energy project in Busan.

POSCO Energy is reportedly planning to sell its fuel cell business, although no further developments have been announced. Its campus in Pohang manufactures the entire fuel cell plant locally, under licence from FuelCell Energy.

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