Now Offering Backup Solar Power Systems In Texas

Wells Solar & Electrical Services is proud to offer Backup Solar Power Systems in Texas for homeowners looking to save money on their monthly power bills, use clean, renewable solar energy and have a dedicated source of power for emergencies.

Texas area homeowners are taking steps to protect their families from power outages and blackouts caused by tornadoes and strong winds. Wells Solar is proud to offer BACKUP power systems in 2020, including a solar PV panels, Tesla Powerwall and gas generators. Through March 31st, new customers can receive a FREE dual fuel generator on qualifying solar packages.

Protect Your Family & Keep The Lights On With Wells Solar

Tesla Powerwall is a battery that allows you to store electricity for later use.
If you live in an area that suffers from power outages or periodic disruptions, Tesla Powerwall can help you keep the lights on like a gas generator. Powerwalls can also be combined with solar panels to store 100% clean, renewable electricity generated from your roof.

FREE 10kW Generator With Qualifying Solar Packages

Be ready for anything with the DuroMax XP10000EH generator. Equipped to run on either gasoline or liquid propane, this dual fuel unit can perform anywhere that portable power is needed.

Protect your family from power outages with a Backup Solar Power System! Sign up today!

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