Safari Energy installing 2.3-MW of rooftop solar projects at coastal state shopping malls

Washington Prime Group has entered into agreements with Safari Energy to install solar panels on the rooftops of Jefferson Valley Mall and Weberstown Mall, located in Yorktown Heights, New York, and Stockton, California.

Under the terms of the agreements, Safari Energy will develop, finance and build the projects, with Washington Prime Group purchasing all the electricity generated by the systems from Safari.

“While I admittedly have no technical expertise whatsoever with respect to alternative energy, I have two teenage daughters and they sure as heck know reducing fossil fuel consumption is a ‘no brainer,’” said Lou Conforti, CEO and director of Washington Prime Group. “Sustainability is important to Washington Prime Group and we will continue to implement such measures which strike the delicate balance between operating efficacy, financial prudence and such unalienable rights as clean air and freshwater.”

With the approximately 1.1-MW rooftop solar system at Jefferson Valley Mall and approximately 1.3 MW system at Weberstown Mall, the company will convert unused roof space into a productive source of energy for the centers. The system at Jefferson Valley is in the process of being installed, and the system at Weberstown Mall is expected to be installed in 2020. While significant cost savings are not expected for Washington Prime Group or its tenants, the systems combined are expected to generate over 2.5 million kWh a year.

These will be the first rooftop solar installations for Washington Prime Group. The Company is exploring all opportunities to create shareholder value, as well as reducing its carbon footprint and energy consumption throughout its portfolio as part of its ESG Sustainability efforts. The Company is working with Safari Energy to explore additional solar opportunities at other town centers.

News item from Washington Prime Group

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