UNIRAC unveils new roof mount and electrical management products

UNIRAC unveiled a collection of new products and accessories, including SFM INFINITY, a rail-less rooftop solar PV mounting system, that optimizes the solar installation process. The announcement is the latest round in UNIRAC’s “Better Solar Starts Here” program to help customers capture the next level of cost savings and grow their solar businesses.

SFM Infinity claims to use 25% fewer mounting attachments than a railed system.

UNIRAC has unveiled a line of new product solutions in solar rooftop mounting and electrical component management.

For more than 20 years, UNIRAC has been a PV mounting solutions provider in the North American market. Over the last 18 months, the company has executed a series of new acquisitions, strategic partnerships and new product launches to expand its offering to provide a more holistic solar installation experience.

“This third-generation mounting system transcends racking to benefit solar installers across their value chains, by reducing logistics costs, eliminating rough-in inspections and enabling two installations per crew per day,” said UNIRAC CEO Peter Lorenz. “Plus, more than four out of five homeowners surveyed prefer its aesthetics. SFM INFINITY is part of our relentless pursuit to help customers transform their solar businesses.”

UNIRAC unveiled E-BOSS, a line of electrical balance of systems components, that integrate with the company’s proprietary mounting systems. There is the SOLARTRAY for wire management, a conduit mount, the J-BOX mount for mounting junction boxes and the MLPE MOUNT for module-level power electronics.

UNIRAC introduced Pro Series SOLARHOOKS, a line of strengthened solar attachments for tile roofs. SOLARHOOKS come in different shapes and have multiple hole patterns with slotted connections to adapt to any of the universal tile shingle types.

Integrating solar PV accessories and roof attachments with UNIRAC mounting solutions creates a better installation experience, from array design and logistics, to installation and service calls, a pillar of Better Solar Starts Here, the company said. The program also includes an expanded product portfolio, the result of an acquisition, licensing and voice of customer product development, installer-focused training, and UNIRAC’s transferable 25-year full system warranty.

“To deliver on Better Solar Starts HereTM, we enhanced our U-Builder solar design software, doubled the size of our product development team, and hired six in-region field support specialists to provide hands-on installer training,” said Sean Linn, COO of UNIRAC. “The results are tangible. For example, we applied our technical excellence to strengthen our SOLARHOOK tile roof attachments by up to 60% over standard tile hooks, and later this year we will expand our product portfolio with a low ballast flat roof solution, attachments for metal and commercial flat roofs, and installer support services.”

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