ViZn Energy Systems to provide 200 kW flow battery in Nicaragua

PELICAN, S.A., an EPC based in Nicaragua, will install the PV system and integrate it with the ViZn flow battery and back-up diesel generators. 

Ron Van Dell, CEO of ViZn Energy Systems said “Electricity in Nicaragua is amongst the most expensive in Latin America and many C&I customers there are on a grid tariff with a peak rate between 6pm and 10pm when the energy usage spikes”. He added that “There is also no net metering for excess solar electricity, so our four-hour battery is a strong match for the market because it enables customers to install larger PV systems, get significantly cheaper energy than the grid rates, and mitigate elevated energy and demand rates during the evening network peak.”

Rancho Santana CEO Matt Turner said “Our annual utility expenses are growing and we are exposed to significant peak demand charges, so we had to find a way to sustainably reduce our energy costs without impacting the sensitive environment at the resort,”. 

According to ViZn, its energy storage system is a self-contained battery that “does not require cooling systems and is interconnected to meet power and energy requirements”. ViZn Energy also states that its flow batteries experience “zero capacity fade over 20 years and have full access to 100% of their state of charge”. 

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