Benefits of Self Cleaning Solar Panels

Benefits of Self Cleaning Solar Panels cleaning panels

If you are thinking of installing Solar Panels in your home or business, you might be thinking about how to keep them clean to maintain maximum efficiency. some people don’t even think about the benefits of self cleaning solar panels until after they installed their system.

(We have an exclusive rights to use a “self cleaning” solar panel system in Florida, patented technology)

There is a National Renewable Energy Laboratory study that found dirty panels produce about 25 percent less electricity than clean solar panels. It only makes sense as solar panels generate electricity by collecting UV rays from the sun, if there is a film of dust, dirt or other particles, this could reduce the efficiency of the system.

How to Clean Solar Panels

When considering how to clean your solar panels there are several factors to consider, one being abrasion.

If you scrub the surface of the panels, you could be removing microscopic particles from the film covering of the panels, and could possibly be violating the manufacturer warranty on the solar panel system.

Self Cleaning Solar Panels system

Our company has secured an exclusive right to a unique and patented self cleaning solar panel system that does not scrub, or void manufacturer warranty, while maintaining your solar system at maximum efficiency as designed by the manufacturer.

If you would like to know more about our proprietary self cleaning system in Florida, or the benefits of Self Cleaning Solar panels for your home or business, contact us today.

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