Is Solar right for me?

Is Solar Right for Me

So you are interested in solar but want to know if it’s right for you. “It’s a question many struggle with, “is solar right for me” specially with the costs to install a solar panel system on their home or business.

My answer would be Yes, but i also love the idea, concept, cost saving, and environmental aspects of solar. Are there better ways to help the planet and our environment; yes of course there is. But solar is more readily available and being commercially used, thereby making it more cost effective.

But I understand that Solar is not for everyone, some people might just not see the money factors, they might think the technology is too new (even though around for a while now), or might just not have any interest.

The Finances

With the current government incentives and finance options, solar becomes a little more financially appealing. If you install solar by end of 2019 in Florida you get a 30% tax credit, 26% in 2020, and 22% in 2021. Nothing is established there after.

Programs like P.A.C.E. and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 203K home loans help with the financing, while giving back a small tax credit (consult with your financial person).

P.A.C.E. is Property Assesses Clean Energy loans which attach to the property taxes of the property, thereby not affecting your personal credit or DTI (Debt to Income Ratio) when making a purchase. These loans are not credit focused, but more so property value focused, generally reaching about 20% or your property’s assessed value.

FHA 203K Home Loans are FHA loans which are used for home improvements, such as solar panel installation.

Cost Savings

Let’s talk about cost saving to help determine in solar is right for you. Yes, you have an investment cost associated with the installation of the solar array system on your property.

Let’s compare this initial investment.

If you purchased any other home improvement, you will be increasing your monthly expenses. You have to pay it back, and your budget increases unless you had saved up for the improvement.

When you purchase solar, you are not increasing your monthly expenses. Because your electrical bill is reduced or eliminated, that savings is used to repay the loan taken for the solar system.

Over time your payments are building equity in the solar purchase, and your property value has increased.

Solar Maintenance

Let’s talk solar maintenance. We strongly doubt anyone will ever tell you about cleaning your solar panels. Think about it, if you leave your car outside for months, how dirty does it get? The same happens to your solar unit. Dust, dirt, and other stuff lands and stays on your solar system. Since Solar energy is generated by absorbing the sun’s UV light, and blockage can and will reduce the efficiency of your solar panel system.

Here we are to the rescue. Our self cleanings system has a brain and turns itself on during day with no rain to clean your solar panels and maintain them efficient and producing at the maximum performance recommended by the manufacturer.

Reason why not to go Solar

Being in the solar business for a while now, i have heard all sorts or reasons from customers why they don’t want to go solar. To be honest, none really made any sense and it was more of a fear of change than anything else.

I have heard;

Technology changes all the time; No, technology in solar panels has not changed that much in about 10 years. Sure there are new technologies, but not on mainstream residential or commercial panels. Yes, years from now there might be some advancements in inverters, this might be one thing to eventually upgrade.

It cost too much; How? With the amount of money you are reducing from paying your electric company you are paying off your solar system. What does cost too much is the increases in the energy bill monthly, yearly and never having anything.

It looks ugly on the house; I guess this is a matter of perception. Look at some of the hairstyles from years ago, are those still attractive today? Perception changes, and Solar is a growing trend today.

What if things break down; Warranty… Anything and everything can break down, fail or even come defective from the manufacturer. That is why there are warranties.

Is Solar is right for me?

Still asking if solar is right for you? Well then use our questions and answer section and we will be happy to give you an answer.

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