Self Cleaning Solar Panels

Self Cleaning Solar Panels System

What are self cleaning solar panels and how do they work? It’s actually and extremely simple and quite innovative way of automatically self cleaning the solar array unit installed on your property.

By the way, our company has an exclusive on this self cleaning system for solar panels in the state of Florida. We include this system with your solar installation so that you panels will maintain maximum efficiency as designed by the manufacturer. Almost all solar contractors can install any solar array unit you choose, but we are the only contractor in the state of Florida licensed to install this technology.

This is what happens

Self cleaning solar panels dirty solar panel

Dust and dirt is everywhere. Over time your solar panels can get dirty, reducing their efficiency. Thereby reducing the amount of energy they can generate.

In South Florida we don’t get huge dust storms, but we do have several months when we don’t have much rain. As the dust and dirt flies around, your solar panels can get dirty. Dust, Dirt, even some of the salt from the ocean is capture by the breeze coming off the ocean and over time cover your solar panels.

Clean me solar panel

During the rainy season, most of this dirt, dust, and salt is washed off the solar panels.

But even the rain contains particles of dust and dirt. As the rain falls from the clouds, it collides with the dust and dirt flying in the air and eventually lands on your solar array unit. Kind of like when when you wash your car and then it rains and you see the stains everywhere.

Alternatives to Cleaning your Solar Panels

Damage from cleaning solar panels

Sure you can go up on the roof during those months with no rain and manually clean your solar panels. Or you can have the additional expense of hiring someone to clean the solar array unit for you.

Generally the best time to clean solar panels is at night, when it cooler and you don’t have the direct sunlight heating up the panels and then all the sudden cooling them off with water. This might cause damage .

But consider the damaged caused to the outer layer of your solar panels from the scrubbing.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you had a self cleaning solar panels system?

Self Cleaning Solar Panel Video

Self Cleaning Solar Panels

Our proprietary solar self cleaning system cleans the panels at optimal time using a simple and exclusive system. By using water which has had particles removed, this solar panels self cleaning system ensures your panels are cleaned, and no particles are left behind.

Yes, it sounds simple. But this technology was brought from Israel, where Israeli engineers have been at the cutting edge of solar energy technology (source wikipedia)

There is a difference between Clean and Dirty Solar Panels

The difference in efficiency between clean and dirty solar panels is significant. A dirty solar panel could be inefficient and produce significantly less energy than a clean solar panel.

This Self Cleaning Solar Panels system is included in your purchase of Solar Array unit from us. No other company in Florida can offer this technology as we do have an exclusive on the technology. Not just do we not want you having to go up on the roof to have to clean your solar system manually, but we also want the referrals from your friends and family. Once you see how efficient this self cleaning technology maintains your solar system clean, you will realize the difference.

Most solar installers in South Florida will not even tell you about how dirt and dust have affect the efficiency from your solar system.

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