SMA Introduces 480 VAC Interconnection for Ground Mount Projects

SMA America has released the Sunny Highpower PEAK3 125 kW as a solution for ground mount projects with 480 VAC interconnection. 

This solution is the only 1,500 VDC inverter that can connect to the grid at 480 VAC without an additional transformer. The PEAK3 125 kW is most applicable in community solar, agricultural aggregate metering and other large distributed generation projects.

“This solution was strategically designed to address a growing need for reduced installation and operational costs,” says Chuck Ellis, vice president of sales for SMA America. 

“The Sunny Highpower PEAK3 delivers the highest energy production and offers valuable cost savings for all large-scale ground-mount PV systems,” he adds.

For PV system developers and integrators, designing plants with PEAK3 and SMA’s centralized, modular system architecture reduces balance of system costs, and speeds installation and commissioning. Unlike other 1,500 VDC inverters, the PEAK3 125 kW with 480 VAC output requires no additional step-down transformer to interconnect with 480 VAC services. Compared with 1,000 VDC string inverters that have traditionally been used in systems with 480 VAC interconnections, PEAK3 offers significant savings in both inverter and installation costs.

Photo: A SMA PV system

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