Test Calculator

Here you can estimate the total cost of a Home Solar Panel system installed by a licensed and insured General Contractor. All installation include local city (county/or government) code inspections with plans and permits.

We are the General Contractor. There is no middle person which is why our prices are so much lower than anyone else. We do not sell leads, your agreement will be directly with us! The panels, optimizers and converters we use are of similar quality, and most time better than the competition.

Sorry, Currently we are ONLY servicing the South Florida area, this includes Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.

You can use the Google Calculator (click here for Calculator) to estimate your Monthly cost of financing. You can welcome to take any financing option you would like. We collect $2500 at signing of contract for Engineering Calculations, Architectural plans, permits and permit processing. 50% is due once permits are approved and before work begins. 50% upon completion and closing of permits.

All Prices here are ESTIMATED and must be verified by on site visit from one of our representatives. (this is to protect ourselves, not up the price on you).

Prices are based on installing solar panels on roof of home and could change for abnormal, difficultly, or long runs from solar panel location to meter box.

This is not an offer to do business, all final documents and agreements will be drafted upon meeting with our representative. Until then, this is not a final number. We can also assist you with Financing.

Cost per KWh Unit

5.02 KWh Solar Panel System

10.72 KW Solar Panel System, Provides approx. 1,483 KWH Monthly* Cost= $28,278.00**

15 KWh Solar Panel System

20 KWh Solar Panel System

*= Calculated at 5 Peak hours of sunlight for 30 days. Average is 5.2 Peak hours for 30 days in Florida. This is a calculation used based on 250 Sunny days out of 365 days in the year.

**= Buyer to pay $2,500 upfront fee for Engineering and Architectural designs and calculations. Permits and permit running is included in this fee.

Once Permit is approved, Customer to pay 50% of the cost, and final 50% at final completion and closing of permits.